Oppo A95 Released in Indonesia Slightly Differs from Malaysia’s

Oppo has just recently released their new A-series smartphone, Oppo A95 in Indonesia on Thursday, November 18th, 2021. Generally speaking, the ones released in Malaysia earlier and now in Indonesia are considered to have the same specifications. Except for the Near Field Communication (NFC) feature.

PR manager of Oppo Indonesia, Aryo Meidianto, stated that the NFC feature was added into the nation’s Oppo A95. Specifically due to the growing demand for contactless payment among Indonesians.

Meidianto explained that basically, the spec of every device launched in different countries may have different features as well, depending on the market situation of each target market.

“Why must NFC be added? Because we want to match with the local consumer’s demand and what the target market constantly seeks out. We actually got immediate requests from internet users here so they ask for NFC, we give them NFC,” said Meidianto.

NFC is a feature commonly found in today’s smartphones to send and receive data through close-range contact. It’s most normally used for contactless payment or transactions between a user and a merchant such as retail or F&B establishment.

“In Indonesia, the cashless trend has started to spread out at least across major cities. Maybe due to that observation, our company finally decided to add the NFC feature in Oppo A95,” added Meidianto.

NFC is well-appreciated by many consumers these days due to its practicality in contactless payment. Users can easily place their devices on top of card machines to finish their transactions without the presence of physical cards or cash. Indonesian users often use NFC to top up the balance in their electronic cash cards as well.

Due to the additional NFC feature, Indonesia’s Oppo A95 is priced at US$280.71 which is slightly more expensive than Malaysia’s, US$259.66.

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