Oops.. BTS ARMYs’ April Fools Gone Wrong


It is April 1st. So, it means…. April Mop!


Just like the previous years, BTS ARMYs always have their own way to celebrate April Fools and also… to trick BTS. Yes, that is what the bond between both of them looks like. Pranking and tricking each other on every possible occasion yet loving each other all the time.


For this year’s April Fools, BTS ARMYs decide to change their Twitter profile picture into Pokemon characters so that when BTS came online, their timeline will be filled with Pokemon.


Why Pokemon? As the trend of Pokemon sticker collecting is getting more popular these days in South Korea, BTS’ RM has been showing his journey in collecting those stickers, starting from raiding 8 convenience stores in a day, telling his friends to follow the supplier truck, until showing his sticker collection from his collection book—just like how BTS ARMYs collecting BTS photocards using collection book—which is very adorable.


That’s why BTS ARMYs choose Pokemon-themed prank for this year.



But little did they know… April 1st is the 25th anniversary of Pokemon’s first episode. So, it looks like the whole ARMYs on Twitter are currently celebrating Pokemon’s anniversary.



Wow, what a coincidence.


Of course, there is nothing such as ‘embarrassment’ on Twitter ARMYs. Instead, their response to this situation is to give more laughs to every single one of them.



There is no bad time on ARMYs land because they always can find happiness around the corner every day.

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