Ontario’s Public Health Care System


When it comes to Ontario’s new public healthcare system the question up for debate is whether it is a more efficient and effective approach to healthcare. This is the biggest change to health care in Ontario in fifty years and the question at hand is: is this change for the better. In my personal opinion, the cons outweigh the pros of the new healthcare system, yet I’m not sure if that means the new system is worse than the old one.

In the old health care system to see someone for mental health, the wait times can make it up to 6 months. Yet in the new system, there’s a promise to make the wait shorter and easier for the people who need it. Yet Dr. Bob Bell believes there’s no trust in the new system which is designed based on promises with no results.

The Premier is saying people such as executive I.Ts and a local number of health integration networks and other agencies will be fired. Yet Doctor Micheal Decter says we don’t even need them in the new system because of changes such as 20 types of boards turning into just one; meaning less need for executives and the money saved can be put back into the healthcare care system.

Unfortunately, the problem with that seemingly good plan is that when 20 boards turn into just 1 where does that leave the people who need those 20 separate boards. Will this make the board more effective and efficient or less? It’s hard to form an opinion on a health care system when there are so many variables and problems that lie within both systems.

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