Online Dating: How To Turn That Swipe Left Into A Swipe Right

What arguably may be the biggest problem that coronavirus has caused among young people is loneliness. With lockdowns and social distancing, it’s been a rough couple of years for people to go out and find a partner. However, not being able to go out on dates does not stop people from trying their luck.

Dating apps saw a significant rise in their use, with Tinder setting a record for 3 billion swipes in a day in March of 2020. They have also changed and adapted to the pandemic, focusing more on mental health and virtual dating. Bumble and Hinge added a video call feature, while Coffee Meets Bagel encouraged users to use Zoom, Tinder provided their travel feature for free for people to connect all over the world. 

But as lockdowns are starting to ease up and cuffing season is right around the corner, it’s only natural for people to want to start dating and meet their matches face to face instead of looking at them through a laptop screen.

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Here are some tips for you to improve your chances of getting a match on a dating app and maybe meet the partner of your dreams: 


Minimise pictures with masks/unclear pictures 

Yes! We know it’s a pandemic and that you will always have to wear a mask when going out. However, as Future said, Mask off! (At least for the pictures).

People would want to see the face behind that mask. This is also why clear focused pictures are also important. A good rule of thumb is to show at least 3/4ths of your face. This is also important for you not to be mistaken for someone else when you actually see your match in real life. 


More pictures of you than of you and your friends

Having a group picture is great! It can be a picture that showcases your personality and may also be a conversation starter. However, despite having group pictures be important, avoid having more group pictures rather than your solo pictures.

Try to keep it to a maximum of one or two group pictures on your profile. 


No empty bios!

Please put something in your bio! It’s an important way for people to be able to connect with you and start a conversation.

You can describe your interests, what you do and try to include a joke. Getting a laugh out of the joke in your bio is definitely eye-catching and memorable to most people. Plus having a joke as your opener usually fosters feelings of comfort and ease.


Hello.. again?

Once you get a match, start talking! It’s 2021 whether you’re a guy or a girl, greet your match and strike up a conversation.

This is why having a bio is important because it’s easier to start a conversation from the information you already have in your bio. If your match doesn’t have anything in their bio, ask them a question. It could be from which do you prefer, 2 truths and 1 lie or ask them to recommend something to you.

You have to remember that you may not be their only match and therefore this conversation starter can set you apart from a say of hellos or hi. 


Be clear with what you’re looking for!

It’s always important to manage expectations even when you’re on dating apps. A good courtesy is to be clear on what you’re looking for while you’re on the dating app. Whether it is a relationship, a mere hook up or just someone to talk to, it’s always best to not lead people on and be clear with your intentions. The pandemic was hard enough on everyone already spares them the ghosting.



Despite being clear with your intentions like looking for a relationship, some people may find it intimidating to move quickly if you ask them to be their partner after 1 week. Take your time, get to know and meet the person before anything else.

It is important to always respect each other’s boundaries and to never send unsolicited images to anyone. That is a form of sexual assault that nobody will appreciate. If you get ghosted or rejected, take it with your head held high.


Since now that you’re equipped for a better dating experience, swipe away!

Don’t forget to discuss your Covid-19 preferences before you go out. Whether you are more comfortable with meeting virtually first, a socially distanced coffee date, or a masked movie date, set your boundaries and keep each other safe.

After all, the pandemic isn’t over. Therefore always wash your hands, wear a mask and use protection when engaging in any consensual sex. Have fun!

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