Fans were hyped up as the second trailer for One Piece Film: Red was announced on the official Twitter the movie (@OP_FILMRED).


The second trailer was released on Wednesday, 13 April 2022 at 7:00 AM JST. The trailer unveiled a strong revelation right away, leaving no time for fans to react.


The mysterious female character in Oda’s initial character concept design was revealed to be named Uta – and is Shank’s daughter.


Although we don’t know if Uta is his biological or adopted daughter, Uta shares the same red hair trait as her father.


The trailer further shows Shank and Uta’s tumultuous father-daughter relationship as Shanks seems to always be apart from Uta.


Uta, described as “The world’s greatest diva” wears white headphones and is apparently doing something that Shanks shouldn’t know.


Several characters aside from the Straw Hat Crew made their appearances, such as Law, Bepo, Akainu, Bartolomeo, Coby, and Helmeppo.


From the trailer, it seems that the movie will focus more on Uta instead of Shanks and the Red Hair Pirates Crew, which some fans found unfortunate as they want to know more about Shanks whose backstory is still mysterious.


More character designs by Oda have been released, featuring Uta, Shanks, and Gordon’s character concepts.


Uta, who most likely is a musician or an idol was drawn to have a pair of small angel wings, headphones, a stylish jacket, and is also holding a microphone in one of the drawings.


Shanks has only one drawing and is wearing his classic cape, white unbuttoned long-sleeve shirt, exposing his chest, and red pants with designs. Meanwhile, Gordon has a similar top to Uta with a frilly cravat.

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