One Piece Live Action Starts Production

The One Piece Live Action on Netflix has finally started production! After many years of waiting, Steve Maeda, showrunner of the live action, and his team has started filming.

Steve Maeda himself took to Twitter to inform, or tease, that production has started.

“The Day of the Beginning,” he posted with a picture.

He also shared another picture of his special chair for the series.

“There’s no place like home.”

Nami’s actress, Emily Rudd, and Luffy’s, Inaki Godoy, also got chairs and shared them with the public. Finally, Matt Owens, co-writer of the series, also got his own seat.

I know I’m going on about chairs and stuff, but the chairs mean that the team has began working on the popular, beloved world of One Piece. They didn’t have any for the other characters like Usopp, Sanji, or Zoro, so it’s safe to assume they’re starting in Episode 1 where Luffy and Nami appear.

This news comes from the cast and showrunners themselves, meaning it’s official. They haven’t shown too many “official” news over the years, but there have been many leaks for the series. For example, the crew already made the Going Merry and Alvida’s ship. The pictures didn’t show them completed, but they have been working on props and settings before filming.

Now, there are a lot of comments on live action, especially since the Cowboy Bebop show recently failed. There are people who hate the idea overall and throw negativity around while others want it to work but feel hurt based off of recent tries at the genre. However, there are a bunch of people that support the show wholeheartedly and hope that it’s good.

I just want it to be enjoyable. Of course, they’re not going to make it one for one, but something with this much love and care can’t hit rock bottom. There has to and will be some fun to be seen in the show.

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