“One Piece” Live-Action Revealed its First 5 Casts

One Piece Live-action Cast

At the height of Netflix annual event with Japan, in the last day of the event One Piece live-action has green-lighted its first cast. Follow the adventures of a young boy named Monkey D. Luffy, who became an aspiring young pirate after eating a devil fruit that cursed him to be a rubber-man. The tale had already stretched into 1000+ chapters of manga, and the animation had already reached the 1000th episode in the third week of November this year.

Eichiro Oda, as the series’ only creator, is also in charge of casting. As one of the series’ executive producers, he was also in charge of the worldbuilding, theme, and settings, ensuring that viewers were not enraged by the casting decision. One Piece live-action would have a 10-episode length on Netflix with the focus of East Blue saga in the first season.

The announcement of the roles will focus on the first 5 Straw Hat Pirate Crew, or the fans dubbed as the original five. Iñaki Godoy will be playing Monkey D. Luffy. Mackenyu will be playing Rorona Zoro. Emily Rudd will be playing Nami. Jacob Romero Gibson will be playing Usopp. Last but not least Taz Skylar will be playing Sanji.

At first glance, all of the cast members have been promoting their various roles on their own social media accounts, and have even received pleasantries and congratulations from fans and supporters alike. Regardless, let us hope that this One Piece live-action development and production continues for many years to come.

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