One Piece Film: Red Character Concept Art Just Dropped!


In anticipation of the upcoming One Piece Film: Red movie, the new character concept art of the main Straw Hat Crew members was dropped this Wednesday (23/03).


One Piece Film: Red is set to release on August 6, 2022, and is the fifteenth movie of One Piece produced by Toei Animations.


The movie will focus on Shanks as fans barely know anything about this character despite being one of the most significant and most powerful characters in One Piece. A new female character will be introduced as well in the movie.


The character concepts, designed by Eiichiro Oda, featured new and fresh looks worn by the Straw Hat members. The premise of the movie centers on the Straw Hat Pirates partaking in a music festival on an island, where the Straw Hats wear casual yet festive clothes in the concept art.


New concept art just dropped, where previously Oda showed the clothes the Straw Hat Pirates might wear while enjoying the music festival, however, this newer concept shows the Straw Hats in what seems like a Punk meets Buccaneer fusion battle gear.



The older members of the Straw Hat Pirates are shown wearing a more buccaneer-inspired style of clothing as shown in fancy coats and large pirate hats worn by Luffy and Nami, whereas Robin sports a more modest pirate bandana.


Relatively new Straw Hat members like Franky, Brook, and Jinbe are designed with a more punk-like feel with spiky hair, like Franky’s mohawk as well as the spikes on Jinbe’s coat.


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