“One Piece” Anime on Indefinite Hiatus, Fans Have Mixed Responses


On Friday (11/03) at 11:00 AM an announcement was posted on the official ONE PIECE website regarding the anime stop broadcast for an indefinite time, meaning that no new episodes will be released soon until the end of the hiatus. 


The announcement stated that  Toei Animation’s servers were breached by an unauthorized third party, causing the production of future episodes to be delayed indefinitely as they shut down parts of their internal system.


The future broadcast schedule will be informed to the public again after Sunday (20/03) on the official ONE PIECE website along with various other official ONE PIECE SNS.


The last ONE PIECE episode was Episode 1013 “Yamato’s Past! The Man Who Came for an Emperor of the Sea!”. The episode reveals Yamato’s past, where he met a man named Ace who came to Onigashima to look for Kaido’s head. Both Yamato and Ace engaged in a duel, which then forged into an unforgettable and important friendship.


In response to the indefinite hiatus of the anime, there were mixed responses from fans. Some fans were relieved since they believe that the anime series needs a re-evaluation to improve the pacing of the anime, as the anime is far behind the manga. 


Other fans found humor in the situation and took it as an opportunity to catch up with more than 1000 episodes, although other fans were dismayed that the long-awaited Roofpiece episode will get postponed due to the indefinite hiatus. 


Do you think that the indefinite hiatus is a good or bad thing?

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