One Person is Killed In New Orleans As A Tornado Wreaks Havoc.


Tornadoes triggered by the same storm system wreaked havoc in Texas and Oklahoma, killing one woman and injuring over 20 others.


In Louisiana, devastated by Hurricane Katrina 17 years ago, a tornado ripped through areas of New Orleans and its suburbs Tuesday night, flipping cars, ripping roofs from homes, and killing at least one person.


The Lower 9th Ward and parts of St Bernard Parish, where the fatality occurred, were the most complex damaged locations. Several additional persons have been hurt, but no further information is available.


Officials from Bernard Parish did not say how the victim died, but they did say that several other people were hurt.


According to the website, 17,000 properties in Louisiana were without power, nearly 26,000 in Texas, and more than 11,000 in Mississippi.


“I see down powerlines, a church is entirely demolished, three businesses are gone,” New Orleans resident Reggie Ford told Reporters.


Sheriff Jimmy Pohlmann said that rescue workers were exploring the suburban parish for more people in need of help. Guy McInnis, president of St. Bernard Parish, said the tornado wreaked havoc. New Orleans television stations broadcast live coverage of the storm as it swept through the city.


Last year, when Category 4 Hurricane Ida swept through, many residents were impacted. After Ida ripped off the roof and caused significant water damage, Stacey Mancuso’s family had just finished renovating their home in the Arabi suburb. Then, on Tuesday, a tornado ripped through their neighborhood. As part of their new roof was lifted away by the wind, she crouched in the laundry room with her husband, two children, ages 16 and 11, and dogs.


According to Storm Prediction Center data, homes and businesses were destroyed in at least a dozen Texas counties. Governor Greg Abbott of Texas has declared a disaster in 16 of the state’s hardest-hit counties. According to Abbott, storms in the Crockett region harmed ten individuals, while more than a dozen people were injured elsewhere.


A 73-year-old woman was killed in the area of Sherwood Shores, roughly 60 miles (95 kilometers) north of Dallas, according to the Grayson County Emergency Management Office.

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