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“Once We Get Married”, A Funny Story About Contract Marriage


Besides South Korea, the neighboring country, namely China, also has a drama that is no less exciting. This time we will discuss it once we get married. Once We Get Married itself will air on Tencent Video with a total of 24 episodes. Li Yao Bo as the director attracts Wang Yu Wen and Wang Zi Qi as the main actors.




Designer Alex who sells Marry Me wedding dresses always releases limited edition products that are favored by brides-to-be. Unfortunately, she only puts out one dress design every month. No wonder the buyers always have to scramble to get it.


Gu Xi Xi (Wang Yu Wen) who owns an online shop happens to get Alex’s wedding dress order from an account called Walking Girl’s Dream. Without Gu Xi Xi knowing, the one who ordered the wedding dress was Yin Sichen (Wang Ziqi) who is also the CEO of the Whymall shopping center.


Because it was difficult to get Marry Me’s wedding dress, Gu Xi Xi came to Alex’s banquet. However, an incident happened to him before he could get to the party venue. Until finally coincidentally he met Yin Sichen who was about to lobby Alex to work with Whymall and enter with him as a pretend partner.


The Xi Xi-Sichen couple is interesting in Alex’s eyes. Alex was also willing to sign a partnership with Whymall from Xi Xi who wanted to represent Alex’s wedding dress. With the reasons for business cooperation and meeting Xi Xi’s financial needs, Sichen also invited Xi Xi to get married on a contract within 3 months.


A contract marriage wrapped in comedy


As in the contract marriage drama genre in general, which has a happy ending. That’s why stories like this sometimes make me smile and get excited even though many people have raised it. It’s just a matter of how to package the purity and chemistry between the main characters so that the audience gets excited.


A drama that is suitable to fill a relaxing weekend. Enjoy watching.

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