On Her Big Day, Britney Spears Is Not Planning to Invite Her Family Members

After five years of being in a relationship with her personal trainer, Sam Asghari (27), Britney Spears (40) announced their engagement in September 2021.

As exciting as it is that she will have a wedding soon, however, it has been claimed that she will not be inviting her family members to her upcoming wedding.

It’s been very public that Britney and her dad, Jamie Spears, have a feud between them. She wanted to sue her family for treating her badly in the past almost 14 years.

Jamie and Britney Spears / Image source: usmagazine.com

As she claimed that her dad used to control her wellbeing and her financial affairs (an estimated $60 million dollars) for nearly 14 years. Besides that, she also claimed that she was being forced to keep an IUD in her body, blocked from having a child, forced to work by her father even when she did not want it, and was not allowed to be driven in a car by her fiancé.

Although Britney has won the conservatorship in court, is now able to control her own finances and become a free woman, the tragedy between her and her family still scars her and leaves a major trauma for her. Therefore, not inviting her family members to her big day will be the best decision.

“Britney can’t wait to get married and truly start her life. They’ve already begun planning, and she is so happy she gets to finally make these decisions. As of now, there will be none of her family who is invited to the wedding,” an insider told Us Weekly.

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