Olivia Rodrigo’s “Sour Tour” Tickets Have Sold Out, Fans Left Sour About It

After Olivia announced on Instagram that the sour tour tickets had sold out for thousands online, tickets went on sale on Friday morning after two hours. The ticket demand caused Ticketmaster to report that the website had site issues throughout the day.

“Been waiting for so long to perform these songs live. This is my very first tour and I’m so nervous but so excited to sing and dance the night away with you all!!!” she wrote on Instagram.

She assured fans who did not get the ticket that there would be more tours in the future.
“If you weren’t able to get tickets this time around there will be more tours in the future and I can’t wait to see you then!!! Thank you to all my incredible fans. Love u guys sm,” she added.

As we know that she will have the concert at many smaller theatres. She told the Los Angeles Times that she chose more intimate venues because she did not want to skip any steps.

“I don’t think I should skip any steps,” she said.

Her decision has left various reactions from fans that are mostly not happy about it.
One person left a comment on her Instagram post, “You need bigger venues.” Another one said, “No Olivia, I’m really upset.”

E! Online reported that Twitter users also take their turn to express their feelings about it, “she literally said one step forward but three steps back.” Another one jokingly wrote, “Ma’am 40K are waiting in line for 5K capacity venue. SKIP THE DAMN STEPS.”

Since the demand is high, some people resale the tickets for $6,000 in New York, up to $5,000 in Chicago, and the craziest one is in San Francisco with $9,000 (CNN reported).

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