Old Nostalgic Strategy Games That You Should Try Again!

Playing games on your old computer after school is the best feeling in the world. Get the nostalgia back by trying these old-school games!


1. Diner Dash

This strategy game tests your concentration skills with multi-tasking as a waiter named Flo for a restaurant. Keep customers happy by serving them within the time limit without making them lose their patience. Not only that, you still have to give them their bills and clean their tables.


2. Sally’s Salon

Similar to Diner Dash, you have to micromanage a Salon and keep customers happy by getting their salon treatment correct, such as the correct hair color, haircut, nail polish color, and many more.


3. Cake Mania

This game can get a little confusing as you have to get the specific shape of the cake and the color of the icing correct. Further on, the game gets complex with harder orders that require layers on the cake, along with game decorations. Make sure not to keep your customers waiting!


4. Wedding Dash

This time, you play as a wedding planner where you have to perfectly plan a couple’s wedding. Players have to choose the correct details, such as the food menu, honeymoon location, flower choice, and cake choice. Other than that, players must prevent the bride and groom from seeing any disasters that are occurring during the wedding.


5. Dr. Cares – Pet Rescue 911

In this game, players become a veterinarian where the goal is to give aid and save the pets of our customers. The gameplay consists of choosing the correct items and products on our trays and delivering them to the pets in time to keep everyone happy.

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