Old Facebook Games You Might Have Played Before


Do you recall the time when you and your friends from school all had Facebook accounts and played almost every game there was on the platform?


The nostalgia of logging on to Facebook after school to play with your friends (or by yourself) will always be the best feeling to reminisce.


As we grew up, we gradually shifted away from playing the plethora of web games available on Facebook; somehow the games vanished – along with our childhood memories too.


Don’t be sad because here’s a list of old Facebook games to refresh your memory!


1. Pet Society

Source: Playfish

Pet Society was one of the most popular games on Facebook that you could play, and you weren’t considered cool if you didn’t play it. You could customize your pets, clean poop to receive money and use cosmetics for your pet’s appearance!


2. Restaurant City

Source: Playfish

A restaurant tycoon game, expand and increase the popularity of your restaurant by acquiring cooking skills, coming up with your own unique menu, and customizing the appearance of your restaurant to your own personal taste!


3. Farmville

Source: Zynga

A game where you manage your own farm by plowing land, planting, growing, and harvesting crops, raising livestock and gifting and selling crops to your friends to receive money to expand your farm.


4. YoVille 

Source: Zynga

YoVille is a virtual world where you can make your own personal avatars and dress them up with cosmetics to make a mini-you and hang out with friends.


5. Mafia Wars

Source: Zynga

This was a mafia tycoon game where you became a gangster and were tasked to build your mafia organization and become number one in the mafia empire.

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