Nvidia Announces New RTX 4000 Series Amidst Separation with EVGA and AMD’s Upcoming RDNA 3

In what seems to be an attempt to one-up AMD’s approaching RDNA 3, Nvidia recently announced their new RTX 4000 series, amidst the unexpected end of their partnership with EVGA, who has produced decades worth of Nvidia’s GPUs. Announced in the GTC (GPU Technology Conference), the two entries to the new series are the 4080, and the 4090 Ti, which is said to be much better than the company’s previous topper, the GeForce RTX 3090 Ti.

More details are released for the higher 4090 Ti, with its release date being October 12. Priced at $1599, the GPU is built with the brand-new Ada Lovelace architecture and a TSMC 4nm process, carrying an array of features including fourth-gen tensor cores, third-gen ray tracing cores, and DLSS 3; all the essential features for gaming, AI-based neural graphics, and more. It also has 24GB RGGD6X memory for the topper, and options between 12GB and 16GB for the 4080. The 4090 has a base clock of 2230 MHz and a boost clock of 2520 MHz. Benchmarks released by Nvidia themselves showed notable overall improvement over the RTX 3090 Ti, having up to 4 times the performance of the previous GPUs, which ultimately comes down to what you are running with it.

Speaking of the 3000 series, the price of the 4090 is $400 dollars less than the 3090 Ti. Adding to it is the astonishing 76 million transistors, more than twice the amount that was in the previous Ampere architecture. Naturally, it also requires a higher power consumption at 450W.

It’s quite mindblowing how quickly GPUs are evolving, which takes us back to the stories of the RTX 3080 Ti and the memes that followed for those who bought the 2080 Ti. Tempting prices will attract resellers, so best be prepared when it drops. Regardless, time will tell whether the severing of ties with EVGA will affect the new 4000 series for better or for worse.


(Images sourced from Nvidia’s website)

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