Now We Are Breaking Up, Far From Expectation

Song Hye Kyo is back on the screen for K-drama fans. Song Hye Kyo is back with a drama entitled Now We Are Breaking Up. This drama was written by Je In, who previously also wrote the script for the drama Misty, and this drama will be directed by Lee Gil-bok, who also directed the drama Dr. Romantic 2.

Besides Song Hye Kyo, this drama stars Jang Ki Yong, Choi Hee Soo, Yura Girl’s Day, Sehun EXO. The drama will have 16 episodes and air on SBS.


Now, We Are Breaking Up is a dream-like story of love and separation. Ha Young Eun (Song Hye Kyo) is the head of the design team for a fashion company. He is a cold-hearted realist, and he prioritizes stability first. She is smart, beautiful, self-disciplined, and sensitive to trends.

Yoon Jae Kook (played by Jang Ki Yong) is a popular freelance fashion photographer. He has everything like intelligence, wealth, and good looks. Hwang Chi Sook (played by Choi Hee Seo) is the director of a fashion label design team who attends the same high school as Ha Young Eun. Seok Do Hoon (Kim Joo Heon) is a skilled CEO of a Public Relations company.

Far From Expectations

Many Korean drama fans suspect that the two were lovers or close friends from the previously released trailer, then broke up and met again. But, when the first two episodes aired, the story was far from that prediction.

After the broadcast, viewers can see that Jae-gook is the younger brother of Yeong-eun’s deceased ex-girlfriend. It’s not clear why the two separated, but it seems that their breakup left Yeong-eun heartbroken and made her decide not to have a serious romantic relationship with a man.

Instead, she prefers to have a one-night stand with many men, including Jae-gook. All for the sake of forgetting Jae-gook’s brother. But when Yeong-eun realizes that she’s in love with Jae-gook, things get complicated.

Find out the story and watch it now!

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