Not Many Know These 5 Benefits of Binahong Leaves

Binahong leaves are one of the natural ingredients that have a myriad of benefits. Of course, the benefits of binahong leaves come from the many vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients in them. These ingredients are able to fight free radicals that cause various types of diseases. That way, the overall condition of the body can be maintained. Therefore, try to consume binahong leaves regularly.

To get these benefits, you need to process binahong leaves in the right way. For example, do not store binahong leaves in the refrigerator or reheat binahong leaves. By consuming binahong leaves correctly, these benefits will be felt in your body:

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Increase appetite

The next benefit of binahong leaves is that it is useful as an appetite enhancer. First, boil five binahong leaves in two cups of water. Try to drink boiled water once a day to get the desired results.
Increase blood pressure
In addition to increasing appetite, consuming binahong leaves can also increase blood pressure,

recommends that you drink boiled water from binahong leaves once a day. When blood pressure is stable, you can avoid the risk of fainting and other low blood pressure.

Overcoming hemorrhoids

You can use binahong leaves as a hemorrhoid medicine, lo. First, boil 16 binahong leaves in three glasses of water. Do this until the remaining cooking water is about one cup. Drink boiled water every day so hemorrhoids can heal quickly.

Treating kidney disease

Binahong leaves are useful for treating kidney disease. The method you need to do is very easy. First, boil 10 to 15 binahong leaves in a glass of water. Drink boiled water three times a day. However, you still need to consult a doctor, yes. The goal is to avoid unwanted side effects. Especially, if you are taking other types of drugs. It is feared that the consumption of binahong leaves would interfere with the effectiveness of the drug.

Increase energy

Did you know that binahong leaves can increase energy? This type of leaf contains a lot of protein that can increase the amount of energy in the body. You need to boil two leaves of binahong in two glasses of water first. Next, drink the boiled water regularly. Those are some of the benefits of binahong leaves that are good for health. For the record, make sure to consume binahong leaves in portions that are not excessive, yes. That way, you can avoid the risk of side effects from natural ingredients.

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