Nostalgic TV Shows of the 2000’s


Every show on this list was popular in the early 2000s, and it wasn’t uncommon to turn the tv on and catch re-runs of any of these shows. Beloved because of the ultimate nostalgic feeling many get at even hearing someone mention these shows, even their theme songs ‘spark joy.’


Smallville (TV Series 2001–2017) - IMDbSmallville. 2001-2011.


A version of Superman that follows Clark Kent through high school and beyond as he, along with his friends, deals with the meteor infected people of their hometown. Though this started as a high school tv show, it had such a long runtime that the later seasons were based in Metropolis, when Clark worked as a reporter for the Daily Planet, where Superman teamed up with the Justice League. The theme song, Save Me by Remy Zero is an instant hit of nostalgia. Charmed: Seasons 1-4 : Alyssa Milano, Holly Marie Combs, Rose McGowan, Brian Krause, Dorian Gregory, Julian McMahon: Movies & TVCharmed. 1998-2006.


Three sisters discover that they are part of a long line of witches. Using their newly found powers, the sisters battle the forces of evil and fall in love along the way. When behind the scenes drama culminated in one of the three sisters Prue dying in the show, Charmed brought in a replacement sister, Paige who went on to have a longer run time than the sister she replaced. Though a remake was recently released, fans of the old show weren’t very taken with it, though it did draw in a whole new generation of fans instead. The theme song, How Soon is Now, by Split Love still holds up as a great song even today and it also needs to be said that the fashion in Charmed was killer.



One Tree Hill (season 1) - WikipediaOne Tree Hill. 2003-2012. 


Best friends Hayley and Lucas become friends with their high school popular kids, and this alters the course of their lives. Revolving around the relationship between half brothers Lucas and Nathan and their love of basketball, One Tree hill deals with growing up, though in a much more dramatic way than real life. With teen marriage and pregnancy, friendships, relationships, cheating, and murder big parts of the earlier seasons, it makes sense that the later seasons are just as jam-packed and drama-filled. Gavin Degraw’s I Don’t Wanna Be as One Tree Hills theme song was a hit then, and is still a hit now.



Gilmore Girls (season 1) - WikipediaGilmore Girls. 2000-2007.


Mother-daughter duo, Lorelai and Rory live in Stars Hollow, a small Connecticut town that is as picturesque as it is quirky. Their perfect life is made more interesting when Rory starts a new school, bringing them into contact with Lorelei’s past; upper-class society. Though many disliked the rapid-fire conversations that the Gilmore Girls had on-screen, the tv show was beloved by many, with the theme song, Carole King’s Where You Lead, to this day loved by fans. In 2020, Gilmore Girls had a four-part revival released, which was equally exciting and disappointing, and ignited the age-old debate: Team Dean, Team Jess, or Team Logan.



McLeod's Daughters (TV Series 2001–2009) - IMDbMcLeods Daughters. 2001 – 2009. 


This tv show might be a nostalgia hit purely for Kiwis and Australians alike but still deserved a place on this list. When their father dies, estranged sisters move back to Drovers Run, the farm that they now own, where they and three other women run it. What started as a family show slowly turned into very soap operas, but didn’t lose fans through it all. Rebecca Lavelles Mcleods Daughters theme song is the least catchy one on this list but is still a good song. Characters come and go in this show set in Australia, but the heart of the show doesn’t falter.

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