North Korea Testing Hypersonic Missiles, The US Setting Sanctions

The US was threatened by North Korea after setting sanctions to North Korea about the launch of hypersonic missiles

North Korea defended that missile trials carried out recently are their legal rights to defend themselves and say the United States (US) intentionally worsens the situation by imposing new sanctions against them due to the launch of the missile.

Reported by the Media of the Korea of ​​the Korea Central News Agency (KCNA), Friday (14/1/2022), the North Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that the development of North Korea’s new “weapon” was only part of their efforts to modernize the national defense capability. North Korean Foreign Ministry spokesman stressed that his party did not target certain countries or endanger the security of neighboring countries while conducting trials.

“The US allegations for the use of legitimate DPRK (North Korea)’s defense rights are clear provocations and logic like gangsters,” said the statement as quoted by Reuters on Friday.

The statement warned “a stronger and definite reaction” which was not determined if the US took a confrontational attitude. Previously, on Wednesday (12/1/2022), US President Joe Biden enacted his first sanctions on North Korean weapons program following a series of missile launches from the country.

The US also asked the UN Security Council to take action against several North Korean individuals and entities accused of violating the security council resolution that prohibited the development of North Korean nuclear missiles and weapons. North Korea itself has confirmed a recent weapon that launches the “hypersonic missile” which will increase its strategic military power.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the US had explained that they did not have hostile intentions towards North Korea and were willing to be involved in talks without prerequisites, but the trial carried out by North Korea “strongly destabilized”.

The North Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that while the US might talk about diplomacy and dialogue, the US arraignment actually showed that they were “still fun with their policies to isolate and suffocate” North Korea.

“The US deliberately increases the situation even with the activation of independent sanctions, is not satisfied with referring to a fair DPRK activity to the UN Security Council,” said the statement.

“North Koreans call this ‘anti-American season’,” said Jean Lee, a North Korean analyst at Wilson Center based in Washington.

He also said in Twitter “Pyongyang increases the tension with a forbidden trial. When the US responds with sanctions, North Korea gathers people around the threats made,”.

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