Sunday, May 29, 2022

North Korea is flexing their supersoldier in ‘brutal’ military showcase

North Korean state media uploaded footage of Kim Jong Un’s appearance during military showcase in Pyongyang, Tuesday 12th October 2021 as brave soldiers took part in a display meant to show off the country’s military might in accordance with their plan to launch nuclear attacks.

They’re plainly establishing that they are not known as the “iron curtain” for nothing by showing the troops’ capacity to bend the iron during the demonstration. Not only that, but there were some gruesome acts, such as smashing two glass bottles and lying with the fragments, or breaking multiple layers of bricks with bare hands, or lying down on the wreckage as a comrade places a big concrete block on his chest before destroying it with a sledgehammer.

What is a purpose of this superhuman showcase?

The objective of the weaponry show is the principal agenda of the commemorations honoring the anniversary of the founding of the ruling Workers’ Party. However, it is also a message from “dear leader” Kim Jong Un that this is part of a self-defense exhibition with their latest “hypersonic” military weapon showcase. 

Hypersonic fly at low altitudes and are much more maneuverable than traditional ballistic missiles, which makes them difficult to track and intercept. They are some of the latest warfare technologies being developed by major military powers such as China, Russia and the United States. With this showcase, Kim Jong Un believed that this showcase will make United States to think twice before “discussing any war” with North Korea, and also warn South Korea, to not renew their hostility towards them.

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