NIKI the First Indonesian Female Artist to Perform at Coachella!


NIKI, also known as Nicole Zefanya from 88rising is the first female artist from Indonesia to perform at Coachella 2022, Outdoor Theatre, California.


NIKI performed on 15 April on the Main Stage of Coachella in front of thousands of people while playing her guitar.


NIKI performed her hit songs, such as ‘Lowkey’, ‘Lose’, and ‘La La Lost You’. She performed in front of the crowd with a stunning all-red outfit that connects to a choker, completed with black platform heels.


Other than that, NIKI has also participated in the soundtrack of MARVEL Studio’s Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings with the hit song ‘Every Summertime’.


Since the first release of ‘Every Summertime’ in August 2021, the song has reached more than 60 million cumulative streams.


NIKI was born and raised in Jakarta Indonesia where she began to write her music at the age of 13, being influenced by her mother who exposed her to music genres, like soul, gospel, and 1990s R&B.


She then moved to Nashville, Tennessee in 2017 to study music at Lipscomb University. She then joined the 88rising label and released her singles “See U Never” and “I Like U” under the label in the same year.


Other than NIKI, her fellow Indonesian co-88rising member, Rich Brian will also perform at Coachella 2022 on 16 April.


The 88rising roster including NIKI and Rich Brian will perform for their Head in the Clouds Forever showcase on the same day, 16 April where artists such as Jackson, CL, Hikaru Utada, MILLI, BIBI, and Warren Hue will be performing.


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