NGOs and Volunteers Work Together to Aid in Flood Relief

In case you haven’t heard, Malaysia has been hit with a devastating flood. NGOs and volunteers were quick to respond to the cries for help. They worked together through social media such as Twitter and Telegram to disseminate information and send aid to various temporary evacuation centers.

One of them was Pertubuhan AZAM Muda (AZAM). They were quick to lend a hand to the victims at Kampung Bangi. According to Cikgu Zharif of AZAM, their volunteers have been there for 3 days, helping with the evacuation of victims up until the flood has subsided. The victims were evacuated to SK Bangi. They then helped the victims with cleaning their houses post-flood.

Volunteers from AZAM provide flood relief in Kampung Bangi. Image Credit: Cikgu Zharif/Pertubuhan AZAM Muda

Another NGO is Clean Squad, which focused its manpower on helping the victims in the Sri Nanding area of Hulu Langat. According to Mr. Qayyim of Clean Squad, their team of volunteers, which consists of people from various genders and races, came together to help the victims in cleaning their houses after the flood. The victims sought shelter at SRA Dusun Nanding while waiting for the flood to subside. He mentions that they had to do a lot of the cleaning manually and in the dark, as TNB has not restored the electricity for the area as of Tuesday. He also mentioned that most of the houses suffered major damages, especially to the furniture.

Volunteers of Clean Squad cleaned up in the Sri Nanding area. Image Credit: Mr Muhammad/Clean Squad

With the flood starting to affect other areas, we must all band together and do what we can to help those affected. Whether it is by making donations to NGOs, volunteering, or just spreading awareness, we can all make a difference.

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