New Year’s Resolutions: Reclaim The ‘Positive’

It’s that time of year again – when you reflect on the completed calendar as an overwhelmingly empty one awaits. It’s otherwise known as the annual conflict of deciding whether you want to bother with any New Year’s resolutions.

While some people anticipate starting a fresh period with new goals, others dread the pressure and false promises. Let’s not forget the added influence of a pandemic. This has understandably left some people finding any form of planning as quite pointless considering all the uncertainty.

However, that’s exactly why we should all go into 2022 with at least one positive goal. Fight off the depleted energy of the past two years by reclaiming ‘positive’ actually to be positive.

Worst case scenario – you don’t stick to them. But what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger – so we go into this as being pros at scrapping plans anyway!

Check out the following list of New Year’s resolutions that won’t be too hard to stick to.

Go Green

If there’s one thing that we can all relate to throughout this pandemic, it’s missing the carefree nature of clean air. Getting into gardening or simply decorating your house with plants will ensure you always have fresh air. Taking this activity up will also benefit from improving your mental health and even reducing grocery costs if you plant fruits and vegetables. Just try to start the process with seeds rather than buying an already grown plant to ensure you’re being more environmentally friendly!


Humanity has suffered more than usual because of this pandemic, so consider actively implanting good into other people’s lives. While volunteering can also boost your physical and mental health, trying to prove that ‘selfless good deeds’ do exist.

Reduce Alcohol Intake

You don’t have to be an addict to consider taking steps away from alcohol. Whether it’s the wine with your meal or the weekend beer, this goal will leave you healthier and even more prosperous. Plus, there are so many delicious alcohol-free drinks to explore!

Voluntary Social Distance

This resolution isn’t exactly the dreaded type we’ve come to learn but rather about the toxicity in your life. As it turns out, we can cut people out, so consider distancing yourself from those who weigh you down.


Make 2022 the year of healing by talking to a professional. Many people still think that you need to be suffering from something to take up therapy. However, anyone and everyone can benefit from a judgment-free zone that equips you with healthy tools. Remember, this is a year-long resolution, so keep trying if your first experience isn’t what you hoped. Switching therapists is a reality, and it’s even encouraged so you can find what’s best for you!

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