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New name, new troubles, Mark Zuckerberg faces problems after “Meta” announcement

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the rebrand from Facebook to Meta at the Connect Annual Conference. The name Meta was chosen to represent hope in the future after Facebook went through a series of problems in the social media world. He hopes the rebranding can strengthen the social media giant’s position as a metaverse.

However, the rebrand itself has raised some new problems. Firstly it was a lawsuit on accusations of feature cloning Next, there is the similarity of the name with other products to the follow-up to the metaverse concept.


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The first problem comes from Instagram. Meta was sued because its subsidiary, Instagram, is considered to have cloned or copied the features of another application. Instagram’s Boomerang feature is similar to Phhhoto.

Phhhoto said that they had allowed sharing short videos in the form of GIFs since 2014. While Facebook Inc. introduced the similar feature in 2015.

As reported by Tech Crunch, the lawsuit filed alleges Meta violated antitrust laws. This resulted in the Phhhoto application experiencing substantial losses in business and was only revealed after the change of Facebook’s name to Meta.

The Meta Name

Image Credit: Meta

Another problem comes from the name Meta itself. The reason is, as reported by Uber Gizmo, the choice of the name Meta had already been submitted as a trademark for the startup PC company owned by Zach Shutt last August. Shutt has also been selling products under the Meta PC brand in November 2020.

Meanwhile, Zuckerberg himself has just filed for Meta as a trademark and announced it to the public on October 28th. Shutt and Meta PC co-founder Joe Darger have said they are willing to step down from the Meta name if Zuckerberg is willing to pay them $20 million for the name.

Although it has changed its name, old problems regarding Facebook still haunt Meta. Plagued by scandals, Facebook rebranded itself as Meta. The tech giant still has to regain the public’s trust. CEO Mark Zuckerberg calls the metaverse the successor to the mobile internet.

According to CNet, an analyst said a smart rebranding won’t help Facebook to keep it out of a lot of trouble.

“The name change doesn’t suddenly remove the systemic problems plaguing the company. If Meta doesn’t address issues beyond defensive and superficial attitudes, the same problems will exist in the metaverse,” Forrester vice president and research director Mike Proulx said in a statement.

Forrester, who surveyed 745 people across the US, Canada, and the UK, said 75% of those surveyed disagreed that a new company name would increase their trust in Facebook.

During a talk at the Connect Annual Conference, Zuckerberg said he was well aware of the risks that come with entering a new field. Facebook doesn’t have a great track record when it comes to protecting the privacy and security of its users, and that problem won’t go away in the metaverse.

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