New MMO Game Chimeraland Available on PC and Mobile


Massively multiplayer online (MMO) based open world game for PC and mobile opened the pre-registration period on December 16 last. At this stage, players can register on the official Chimeraland website; and get complete information about the world of Chimeraland which will be released in early 2022. This game also brings a number of unique aspects for mobile and PC gamers.

Myth & Story creation

One of them is the story in it, which lifts the mythology from the East, with inspiration driven from the “Classic of Mountain and Seas”. a Chinese literature famous for ancient mythological beasts. Players will have the opportunity to explore a vast world. and in the process—will meet many interesting beasts and monsters; that they can admire, fight, tame. Or develop a new “Chimera” figures with individual characteristics, forms and abilities.

Chimera System, unique to the game’s creature design

This system, gives players endless opportunities to experiment and imagine in combining a mythological creature that has never been encountered. The world of Chimeraland also has a unique side because it is round, just like the real world. This means that players will never encounter an invisible wall and will be able to enjoy real adventures. For more than 4,000 square kilometers of maps, spanning four continents, seas and oceans to explore.

Above the main continent, Night Sky is another world, where players will be able to visit and explore as they develop their abilities.

“We think Chimeraland will really suit gamers and we encourage gamers to pre-register so they don’t miss any developments before the game launches in early 2022,” said Phyllis, Producer of Level Infinite, the game’s developer. “We know that Chimeraland will provide an incredibly open and rewarding gaming experience that mobile and PC gamers can truly enjoy,” he added.

Features and personalized build

Unlimited features are available for all players to choose; building house was one of the example of that. There are thousands of modules and styles to choose from, so players can develop their imagination and creative abilities. Players can also raise their unique Chimera pets. Using the alien system, devouring, or evolving. They are also unique in shape, from rabbits to giants of ten thousand years old; all of which can be caught as pets.

As an MMO game, developer Chimeraland’s top priority was to give players the ability to visually differentiate themselves from other players. As a result, the developer of this game provides dozens of different races to choose from to match the character that the player wants.

Players can also choose various weapons to use in player versus environment (PvE) or player versus player (PvP) mode. These weapons are freely switchable during combat, which results in unlimited tactical and strategic combat.

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