New Funko Pop Vinyl Figures to Add to Your Collection!


Whether you’re an avid or just a casual collector of Funko Pop, there is a couple of new Funko Pop releases this 2022 from a variety of series and movies this year that you could possibly bring home to your collection.


If you didn’t know, Funko Pops are Pop vinyl figures – or figurines – based on characters in pop culture. The adorable figurines have distinct features, such as rectangular-ish heads and beaded eyes.


Here are some new Funko Pops for you to browse!



Disney – Hercules Funko Pop! VHS Cover Exclusive

Source: Amazon / Funko Pop!
Source: Amazon / Funko Pop! / Disney

If you’re a die-hard Disney fan and a Hercules fan, this Amazon Exclusive Funko Pop is definitely worth getting with the VHS cover art and pose based on the animated version of Hercules.



Ms. Marvel Disney+ Funko Pops! Collection

Source: MARVEL / Disney+ / Funko Pop!

Ms. Marvel or Kamala Khan finally has her own Funko Pop figure! Get Kamala’s Funko Pop figure now and even Bruno’s, or if you like glitter get her Hot Topic Exclusive Ms. Marvel Diamond Glitter Funko Pop now!



My Hero Academia Class 1-B – Ibara Shiozaki Funko Pop! Exclusive

Source: © Kohei Horikoshi / Shueisha / My Hero Academia Production Committee / Funko Pop!

If you watch My Hero Academia and tend to favor the side characters more, Ibara Shiozaki (also known as Vine) from Class 1-B is a character that you can add to your collection now!



Funko Pop! Deluxe: Disney Villains Assemble – Scar with Hyenas (Hot Topic Exclusive)

Source: Disney / Funko Pop!

Disney’s beloved villains are back again! Get this menacing but adorable Funk Pop Vinyl figure of Scar along with Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed based on this iconic scene from the movie!


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