Netflix to cancel ‘First Kill’ after one season

Due to its high production costs and viewership disparity, Netflix canceled the American vampire teen drama series First Kill after just one season.

According to a Deadline report, sources said that while the series managed to bag the seventh rank on the streaming platform’s list of top 10 series, its viewing completion was unable to match up to its production cost. It racked up a total of 30.3 million hours worth of views.


The eight-episode series, which started in June, follows teen vampire Juliette as she prepares to commit her first kill and formally join her family of bloodsuckers. Calliope, a vampire hunter, turns out to be the worst conceivable love interest for her. The star-crossed lovers must then determine whether they are prepared to risk their family’s legacy in exchange for their enduring love since their origins are so drastically different.


Starring in it were Jason Robert Moore, Phillip Mullings Jr., Elizabeth Mitchell, Dylan McNamara, Imani Lewis, Dominic Goodman, Will Swenson, Aubin Wise, Gracie Dzienn, and Sarah Catherine Hook.


First Kill was adapted from a short story in the anthology series Vampires Never Get Old by Victoria “V.E.” Schwab. She also served as one of executive producers alongside Felicia D. Henderson, Karah Preiss, and American Horror Story actress Emma Roberts. 


Following the series’ cancellation, the author took to Instagram to express her thoughts on the news. 


“The day I found out my first TV project was being picked up for an entire season was one of the best days of my life. But that doesn’t mean this – the day it got canceled – is the worst. Because the lack of a second season doesn’t erase the first,” wrote Schwab. 


Schwab went on to express gratitude to the people that supported the show and made it happen – the writers, the actors, and the viewers. 


“I’m proud of the cast and crew for bringing this to life with a wealth of talent and a mountain of heart, and grateful to the millions and millions of viewers who watched the show. Thank you,” the Gallant author added. 


Fellow writers also rushed to show their support for Schwab in the comments section, including Adam Silvera, Christina Lauren, Amie Kaufman, and Dhonielle Clayton, among others. 

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