Netflix series ‘Sexify’ A Polish Comedy Where Three Best Friends Build an Innovative Sex App

Sexify, starring Aleksandra Skraba, Sandra Drzymalska, and Maria Sobocinska is about a determined college student’s efforts to create a game-changing software for both her graduation project and a major tech competition. Natalia (Skraba) comes up with the idea to build an app named Sexify after being told that her fine-tuned sleep optimizing tool isn’t “sexy” enough.

In comparison to its modern counterpart, Sexify feels deflated since its diverse aesthetic fully overpowers its narrative components. Rather than demonstrating to viewers that there is more to female orgasm than they previously believed, Sexify implies that viewers, like its protagonists, would be satisfied as long as colorful sexual images are prominent.

To be honest, there are many times throughout the show’s eight episodes that allow you to do precisely that. The first half of the season meanders by having the characters run in narrative circles, and by the third episode, the ragged Sexify crew has dissolved and reformed far too many times to count. From the unrelenting and repetitious soundtrack—which, despite boasting is frequently badly timed— Sexify frequently gets lost in its own sauce, while possessing an undeniably outstanding and wide array of hip-hop-inspired beats-to the general lack of direction that the dramedy’s storyline suffers from. The program would be considerably more fun to watch if the grueling 50-minute episodes were cut down and the show was more focused overall, and the second half of the season—in which three out of the four episodes had a duration of 40 minutes or less—became substantially more entertaining.

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Some fantastic narrative ideas and characters could have really shined if they had been done better. Paulina’s side quest to find the right balance between fulfilling her sexual desires, adhering to her religion, and determining whether her engagement was worth preserving rapidly became one of the season’s most fascinating stories. Natalia’s constant drive for achievement looks to be founded in some underlying familial turmoil, which could have been explored more. Furthermore, supporting characters such as Natalia’s easygoing college adviser Dr. Krynicki (Wojciech Solarz) and the shady dorm supervisor (Ewa Szykulska) provided some of the most hilarious blink-and-you-miss-it moments.

With such a great idea and numerous unsolved stories, Sexify has the ability to vastly grow in a hypothetical second season and become a show that stands alone among its peers. For the time being, the first season of Netflix’s new original series aims to win viewers over with a gimmicky representation of sex.

Sexify is streaming now on Netflix.

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