Netflix Released The Tinder Swindler Trailer

A trailer for The Tinder Swindler’s documentary has been revealed

the tinder swindler trailer
Netflix’s documentary: The Tinder Swindler (source: Netflix)

Instead of looking for partners, dating apps could be the source of virtual crime in this digital era. Netflix’s documentary film of swindler in popular dating apps Tinder will show you the dark side of modern dating. Two days ago, the trailer for The Tinder Swindler has been released. The trailer of The Tinder Swindler shows some clips of the scam victims.

One “gorgeous” man versus three woman

The story is based on true digital crime on dating apps Tinder. A single guy manages to deceive three women from different countries. This trio of victims is trying to tell people how the guy traps them with luxury offers. Hiding behind billionaire businessman title, the guy asks his victim on a luxury date and concludes the relationship with threats. Those dream dates are turning into a nightmare in a short time. At the end of their relation, the guy forced the woman to pay a bunch of money with a ruthless threat. Later, the guy is known as Shimon Hayut the Tinder conman.

Coming from Don’t F**ck With Cats makers, they want to reveal once again another digital crime that could happen these days to anyone. Exposing the brutality in the virtual platform so people didn’t walk into their trap. Showing people that this cruel guy exists and still looking for victims out there.

Before we taste the sweetness of valentine, The Tinder Swindler will greet us in the early of the lovely month of February 2nd. Because we need to know, modern dating is not as sweet as it seems.

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