Netflix green lights ‘Parasyte: The Grey’ adaptation

MANILA, Philippines – Netflix announced on Wednesday, August 24, that they will be teaming up with Train to Busan director Yeon Sang-ho for an upcoming South Korean series adaptation of Parasyte: The Grey. 



“Parasyte: The Grey is about unidentified parasitic life-forms that live off of human hosts and strive to grow their power,” Netflix’s The Swoon wrote, along with a photo of Jeon So-nee, Koo Kyo-hwan, and Lee Jung-hyun who are confirmed to star in the manga adaptation series.


So-nee will play the role of Jung Soo-in, a woman who becomes a host for one of the parasites. However, she unexpectedly begins a bizarre coexistence with it as it fails to take over her brain. Kyo-hwan will play Seol Kang-woo who tracks down parasites to find his missing sister. Lastly, Jung-hyun will take on the role of Choi Joon-kyung, the leader of a task force called Team Grey dedicated to killing the parasites.


Screenwritten by Money Heist: Korea’s Ryu Yong-jae, Parasyte: The Grey will follow a group of humans who will track and fight the disruptive human hosts who’ve been infected by unidentified parasites. 


The horror series adaptation will be produced by Climax Studio and Wow Point, and will stream on Netflix worldwide. A release date has yet to be announced.


Parasyte: The Grey is based on the legendary Japanese manga called Kiseijuu or Parasyte written and illustrated by Hitoshi Iwaaki. It was first published in Kodansha’s Morning Open Zōkan and Monthly Afternoon magazines from 1988 to 1995, and has since sold over 25 million copies around the world.



p dir=”ltr” style=”line-height: 1.38;text-align: justify;margin-top: 0pt;margin-bottom: 0pt”>The horror sci-fi manga has been adapted twice into a live-action film in Japan in 2014 and 2015. An anime television series adaptation was also produced and aired in Japan from October 2014 until March 2015.

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