Netflix Green Lights ‘exploding Kittens’ Animated Series

MANILA, Philippines – An Exploding Kittens animated series based on the popular card game of the same name is coming to Netflix, the streaming platform announced on Tuesday, April 18. 

The animated series will star Tom Ellis, Abraham Lim, Lucy Liu, Ally Maki, Mark Proksch, and Sasheer Zamata and will premiere in 2023. More information on their respective careers is yet to be released.

The series will portray the “eternal conflict between Heaven and Hell as it reaches epic proportions when both God and the Devil are sent to Earth – in the bodies of chubby domestic cats,” according to Variety.


Aside from the animated series, Netflix subscribers will be able to play an Exploding Kittens mobile game starting in May 2022. To access the mobile game, subscribers do not need to pay any additional fees or make any in-app payments.


The mobile game will merely be a digital duplicate of the conventional card game, but it will include two additional cards and posters. Players choose cards from a deck, each with their own particular abilities while attempting to avoid drawing the “exploding kitten” card, which causes them to lose the game.


Co-developing both a game and an animated series, according to Mike Moon, head of Netflix’s adult animation, is a first for the platform.


“We couldn’t think of a better game to base a world on than Exploding Kittens, one of the century’s most imaginative, famous, and original games,” he said.

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