Netflix Called Slow Back From Will Smith Film Project


A week before the 2022 Oscars, director David Leitch stepped down from the Netflix film project, Fast and Loose. David Leitch chose to move to work on the Universal film project, Fall Guy, starring Ryan Gosling. Quoted from Billboard, Sunday (3/4/2022), sources said that Netflix tried to contact other directors to work on the film. However, everything changed after Will Smith slapped Chris Rock on the Oscar 2022 stage. The reason is, that Fast and Loose will star Will Smith.


After the incident of Chris Rock’s slapping by Will Smith, Netflix is ​​reportedly slowly withdrawing from the film project. However, it is not yet clear whether Netflix will create a new project with another star or discontinue it. Netflix is ​​said to have yet to provide an official response to the rumors. Fast and Loose tells the story of a mafia boss who loses his memory after an incident.


Then, he begins to try to collect his memories and discovers the shocking fact that he has two identities, a rich kingpin, and a former CIA agent. Meanwhile, Will Smith is known to be involved in making the drama Emancipation which will air this year on Apple+. In addition, Will Smith is known to have obtained a 40-page script for the film Bad Boys 4. The continuation of the two projects is not yet known. Because Apple + refused to comment.

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