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NetEase Games announced today (March 16) that it has officially released the new mobile racing game “Ace Racer” for Japan, the United States, South Korea, Hong Kong/Macau/Taiwan, and Southeast Asia.

To commemorate this, a special event with influencers will be held on March 18th.

■[Explode with a special move! ]What is the new sensation mobile racing game “Ace Racer”?

This work is a new type of mobile racing game in which players compete while making full use of various skills. Each machine has its own unique skills, such as flashing through walls and transforming vehicles, and one of the great attractions is that it allows you to drive freely without being bound by common sense.

In addition, this work includes more than 100 official models from more than 25 famous automobile manufacturers. You can enrich your garage with luxury cars that everyone admires. Jump into real supercars like Porsche 911, Nissan GT-R and enjoy your own drive.

In commemoration of the official release of the game, the following campaign is being carried out. It is a chance to get a supercar from each manufacturer.

①Beginners only 10 times gacha
You can draw a gacha that can reset the result as many times as you like (up to 50 times) until you are satisfied.

② New employee training (login on the 7th)
If you clear all the newcomer training missions in 7 days (log in for a total of 7 days), you will receive a Porsche 911 GT2 RS.

③ GT-R appearance
Clear Active Missions and get the Nissan GT-R NISMO!

④ Share for 7 days
Share every day to get big rewards.

⑤ Limited machine “Excaliper” appeared!
A beautiful, deadly poisonous sword that won’t return to its scabbard until you win. The Legend Machine Excaliper is finally here! The skill “Triple Thrust” is a multi-stage acceleration that lasts for a long time. If activated again while accelerating, the speed will increase further, but the duration will be shorter.

■ The “Japan Ace Racer Tournament” where 9 famous guests gather will start at 17:00 on March 18th.

To commemorate the official release, we will hold the “Japan Ace Racer Decision Battle”. Nine celebrities with “powerful” “real special moves” will appear with the theme of this work’s unique skill system (special moves). They are divided into three teams each, and start a big brawl that uses in-game special moves and real-life special moves at the same time. The pattern will be distributed on the official YouTube channel from 17:00 on March 18.

▼ “Japan Ace Racer Decision Battle”

▼Participant list

・Ayaki Miyamoto
A cosplayer who is widely active in game events. His hobby is playing games, and he is expected to play an active role as an ace racer. She is a sophisticated cosplayer and can imitate her special moves by becoming a member of the team.

・Yuya Tegoshi
Former member of a national idol group, currently active as a solo artist. She has improved her skills in various games, and she will be able to show off her excellent play even in an ace racer. By making his star quality aura, the other members will be dazzled by too much dazzle.

Started activities as a composer and drummer for the rock band Yullie-Echo. Although her band broke up in 2019, she made her solo debut as a singer-songwriter last year. He plays the drums with excellent technique and is supported by many fans. He gets everyone around him involved in a life-and-death rhythm match, and can greatly spice up the fight.

・ Tenchimu
A YouTuber with 1.7 million subscribers. Considerable sense is expected from the fact that he used to play games. As her top YouTuber, she can get even more attention by using her special moves.

・ Baron Pero[Raycle]A member of the five-member YouTuber group “Lazy Lie Crazy” based in Kansai. He has a healing comedy power in the group and greatly excites the video. His healing aura will force the other members to be hindered by laughter.

・Shibuya Haru
A VTuber who is mainly active in FPS game commentary and tournament management. His entertainment value is further doubled by involving others. He will show great gameplay with great game sense. He can use his own intellect to confuse and hinder members.

・ Natori Walnut
Multi-talented who handles gravure idols and race queens. She will be generously sharing her racing knowledge on this stream. She can use her special moves to give orders to the Queen that cannot be disobeyed.

・Sawayan Games (older brother)
The older brother of the brother YouTuber who has tremendous charisma in both entertainment and game commentary. His skill in racing games is immeasurable. The energy that dwells within him travels from his own arm to the platform, causing the other members to tremble.

・Sawayan Games (younger brother)
Younger brother of Sawayan Games. He has unrivaled ability on the stage of entertainment. Also, pay attention to the play using the bond with his brother. His luminous muscles can nullify any interference from his surroundings.

■ “Ace Racer”

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