Nearly Thousand Homes Destroyed in Colorado

Three people were reported missing and feared dead. Image Source: CTV News

After a wind-stoked wildfire in Colorado, almost a thousand structures and houses were destroyed. Three people are missing and possibly dead. The disaster caused evacuations of thousands of people. Officials initially said no one was missing or dead after the rare urban wildfire erupted on Thursday morning.

Wind gusts of more than 160 km/h destroyed the northern outskirts of the Denver metropolitan area. Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle said the cause of the wildfire is under investigation. The blaze blackened the whole neighborhood.

President Joe Biden declared the situation a disaster. At the same time, many people opined that climate change also contributed to the rare urban wildfire.

The neighborhood of Louisville and Superior combined have a combined population of 34,000. After the fire was reported, they were forced to flee their dwelling places.
Though seven people were reported injured, the degree or severity of the injury is still unknown.

Although the snowfall in this area is late, the light on Friday morning helped the firefighters control the situation. The local authorities and volunteers are helping the affected people to provide supplies. In addition, they are trying to restore the electricity. The Red Cross volunteers also distribute heaters for the people in the shelters.

However, thousands of people are still unsure about their future as the fire destroyed their houses, businesses, and other structures. It is unclear to the authorities about the cause of the fire in this area. However, an investigation has been launched, and the real reason behind this deadly disaster will be revealed only after this.

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