NCT’s Jeno Surprises Fans With New Hair!


In a pleasant surprise, fans were surprised at Jeno’s new hair, which was a dark blueish-black undercut with shaved designs.


Fans saw the cool new haircut from pictures taken by fansites during NCT Dream’s schedule. The picture of Jeno with fresh hair was posted on Twitter for millions of fans to see.



The sudden transition of hairstyle from pink to dark bluish-black made searches like ‘LEE JENO’, ‘JENO’, and ‘JENO HAIRCUT’ trend on Twitter in 12 different countries.


The other NCT Dream members also had fresh new hair, such as Mark’s vibrant blue hair, Haechan’s red hair with black highlights, and Chenle’s ash grey hair.


Fans were shocked as Jeno’s previous pink hair drastically changed his soft look into a fierce and cool bad boy look – in a good way.


The new looks from the Dreamies also made some fans compare them with similar haircuts from NCT 127 members.


Jeno’s dark blue-black undercut hairstyle is similar to Jaehyun’s hair during the ‘Fire Truck’ Era, while Haechan’s red hair with black streaks reminded fans of Yuta’s hair during the ‘Favorite’ and ‘Sticker’ Era.



Although some fans rejoiced in Jeno’s new haircut, other fans extremely miss Jeno’s pastel pink hair.


Recently, NCT DREAM released the music video of their comeback – ‘Glitch Mode’ on March 28, 2022, on SMTOWN’s official YouTube channel.


As of now, the music video has garnered 53 million views, and 1.5 million likes, and is #3 Trending for Music on YouTube.


Are you team pink-haired Jeno or team undercut Jeno?

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