NCT’s Haechan Release His First Solo “Good Person” OST Since Debut


One of the NCT members who was born on June 6, 2000, Lee Donghyuck or often called Haechan, finally sang a solo song for the first time. Haechan will be lending his melodious voice for the Korean web drama series original soundtrack, PLAY FRIEND: Seo Yeon University of 22 which will air on March 6, 2022.


Fans have been waiting for Haechan’s OST for a long time because it will be Haechan’s first solo after his debut with NCT for six years. Lee Haechan is a member of the South Korean boy group NCT from subunits: NCT Dream, NCT 127, and also NCT U. Although there are many, Lee Haechan never gets tired of giving gifts to his fans “NCTZEN”, one of which is his first solo.


On Saturday (March 5) at 6 KST, the original soundtrack (OST) by Haechan has released the original soundtrack “Good Person.” Initially, this OST was going to be released on March 6, 2022, but it turns out that the release of this soundtrack was pushed forward by one day. “Good Person”, is a remake version of Toy’s which was released in 2001.


After a few hours, the OST released by Haechan has managed to become a trending topic on Twitter with the hashtag #Haechan_GoodPerson. In addition, Haechan is also promoting his first OST through Live Performance which will be released on Sunday, March 6, 2022, on the Nct YouTube Channel.


‘Good Person’ is a song that conveys affection for one-sided love with a poetic atmosphere. The song is now available on various digital music platforms such as Melon and Spotify.

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