“NCT Dream” Is Bringing Back The 90s

NCT Dream Finds Their Groove With 90s Inspired Comeback


NCT DREAM is back with a brand-new album, and they are channeling some serious 90s vibes. Since their debut, the band has been known for their unique concepts and fresh sounds, but this time around, they are giving fans a taste of the past with a modern twist.


This concept is part of the debut of their new album “Glitch Mode”. From the retro hairstyles to the throwback fashion, NCT DREAM 90s Inspired Comeback is sure to get everyone nostalgic.


The band is known for its creative and interactive social media content, which often has fans guessing what’s to come next. The group recently released a series of teasers for their upcoming comeback, and fans are already dissecting every detail.


On the 13th of May, NCT DREAM showed off their ‘DREAM SQUAD STUDIO’ through exclusive videos shared across social media, showing the members having fun and working hard for their comeback.


@NCTsmtown_DREAM on Twitter


In addition, the band debuted a sneak peek of their new single ‘Beatbox’ with a TikTok challenge that had fans hooked. The track is an upbeat, poppy song with a catchy hook and simple yet effective production. And as always, NCT DREAM’s visuals are on point and perfectly complement the fun atmosphere of the song.


“Glitch Mode” will be released on the 30th of May and includes a total of 15 tracks, which include “Beatbox,” “On the Way,” and “Sorry, Heart.” The rest of the tracks are a mix of up-tempo and midtempo songs that showcase the members’ charms.


But until we listen to their album, let’s check out their 90s conceptual photos together:


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