My Hero Academia and what it means to be a Hero

My Hero Academia (Japanese: 僕のヒーローアカデミア, Hepburn: Boku no Hīrō Akademia) is a manga series that has an anime adaptation available on Netflix. It follows a powerless boy who, one day, was given the power from Japan’s number one hero, All Might. 

My Hero Academia World Heroes’ Missions. © TOEI Animation Co. LTD. 2021.

The story from then only gets interesting and tough and we follow the ups and downs of being a hero. But, is this series just a mere shōnen manga with ordinary tropes? Or, could it be more? 

MHA’s manga has now reached 337 chapters and it updates every week. The anime adaptation is now up to season 5 with over 100 episodes, with season 6 in the making. 

With how far it has come, any fan could probably say that it is worth your minutes and hours to read and to watch. 

The series does not only follow one quirkless Izuku Midoriya (hero name: Deku), but it also follows other character’s developments. Although this is common in shōnen manga, this one could really hit very close.

Class of 1-A. © Shueisha of Weekly Shōnen JUMP. 2021.

Throughout the whole series, we could really see how each character develops on their own. Every one of them has interesting stories and they’re all very multi-faceted with unique personalities and ‘quirks’. 

Izuku’s story started off with him wanting to become a hero. From being quirkless to having an insane amount of power within hours of receiving it from All Might. But it does not come easy and we could see all of his struggles to control his powers and change his mindset. 

We could also see that in each arc with every trouble that arises, there is always profound teamwork between the students of class 1-A. This could be one of the most famous tropes––found-family. Izuku is always seen fighting alongside his classmates, whether or not they succeed. There is the solidarity of friendships and the trope of healthy rivalry (or, enemies to friends but Bakugou will never approve of this). 

All of the students have shown failures and successes that could motivate each other to keep going. Because being a hero is not all about the power or lack thereof. It’s about the heart and the will to keep going. My Hero Academia is one of the best series out there that exemplify this.

My Hero Academia is available to watch on Netflix if you haven’t and the third movie World Heroes Mission is showing on theaters now!

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