My Experience at Pear Lemon Marketing Agency

To start, I joined Pearl lemon, a marketing agency specializing in content creation, copywriting, SEO, and expanding into public relations management, creating games and coding content, and UX design philosophy.

As you can understand, this is a lot of digital marketing, technology, and digital management into new products and services. Other aspects of the digital economy mean that Pearl lemon is incredibly forward-thinking and operates with the principle of Agile thinking.

This can be an excellent opportunity for anyone to join a new company in the 21st century working on the same principles and philosophy that made Apple successful under Steve jobs’ leadership.

You may be thinking about Agile design thinking or what is Agile thinking. This means you become self-organized and independent, develop multiple skills, and work effectively as a team and individual.

When it comes to digital marketing or anything digital during this increasingly competitive job market that is incredibly global, you cannot succeed with just one skill or expect those skills to keep you employed for a lifetime.

Pursuing a technological and Agile mindset means that you must develop Content Writing skills, Copywriting skills, Marketing Skills, UX design thinking, Agile skills, Coding skills, Social Media skills, and a host of other skills that are necessary to stay employed throughout your lifetime or start your own digital business at a low cost was requiring a Basic computer, a laptop and free social media everything else such as digital skills, writing skills, and contacts can be developed over time.

It does sound like too much, but you must remember Rome wasn’t built in a day, and according to Robert Greene, the author of Mastery, it takes 10,000 hours between 5 and 10 years to master a skill.

I will counter this by telling you that it takes six months to be truly capable of performing a high skilled function, but there is no shortcut for specific skills that take time and dedication. If you are serious about progression, you must adopt the appropriate mindset, become a digital version of John Wick, and set realistic goals. You do not need to be Elon Musk, Zuckerberg, or Steve jobs; you merely must be yourself and be happy with who you are.

If you only want to be a content writer or a writer, then be a writer; you do not have to pursue something that makes you miserable be aware of the opportunities available in the digital economy and the digital industry that is low-risk and keep in mind Elon Musk started with a computer and Steve Jobs, and Steve Wozniak started in their parent’s garage we must remain hopeful, remain realistic and be aware of what we want there’s no point working between 40 hours and 60 hours a week as well as a further 20 hours for the self-education or professional development courses on top of that if that is something you despise or no longer wish to pursue in the words of Tony Robinson live with passion.

What is excellent about working at Pearl Lemon is the opportunity to work remotely, which cuts away any office politics or unprofessional behavior. I have worked in unprofessional or inappropriate environments that harm personal productivity and morale. I compare this to my time working at Lloyds banking group doing customer service and working as a stockbroker doing executions.

The experience was an environment where the staff was demotivated and underappreciated, and the opportunity to develop new skills was nearly non-existent.

The staff was also incredibly demotivated due to the poor be and lack of appreciation; in contrast, at Pearl Lemon, people developed and are encouraged to expand their skill set or move to new positions that suit their skills or personalities.

What is great about working at Pearl Lemon is that you do not spend time working with time wasters because we know what we have to do. We function and communicate effectively as a team and as individuals completing our projects and requirements.

Currently, at Pearl Lemon, I’m working as a Content Writer for over six months in this position punitively to grow my writing skill set which is a valuable skill that can be seen in the possibilities when doing digital marketing or more specialized writing tasks such as being a medical copywriter, financial copywriter or a journal copywriter.

The writing also provides opportunities to live by your own rules by becoming an independent freelancer, which means you set your hours and make your own rules.

Pearl lemon offers the opportunity of a 12-month program to develop your content writing skills and other skills related to that position, such as search engine optimization. You can apply those skills to the job market by staying with Pearl Lemon or pursuing your path as a freelancer.

You’ll learn skills at Pearl lemon that can apply to multiple job roles such as social media management, public relations, content creation, copywriting, and other writing skills.

Pearl lemon also shows you the importance of tailoring your words taught to the target audience.

The same applies to any content; for example, Logan Paul was over 23 million YouTube followers, made the argument that Instagram models selling products to men in their teens to their late 20s is a waste of time because their targets audience is primarily single men that cannot get a girlfriend and that they are unlikely to buy bikinis for themselves.

This means the branding, marketing, and sales technique is wasted in trying to get single 25-year-olds to buy bikinis for themselves. In contrast, alternatively, they should be targeted with the use of products like Manscape or personal development programs which may be counter-productive to the effectiveness of the Simp Economy.

Overall, what is great about being at all Pear Lemon is that you get the opportunity to develop multiple skill sets to build your portfolio.

The company founder Deepak Shukla and the head of content at Pearl Lemon will provide a video talking about your time with the company.

This will be inviolable because it is social proof of your abilities to share on social media platforms and advertise your capabilities.

You were looking for freelance work should you go down that path. At the bare minimum, completing the six-month or 12 months placement will give you solid experience should you wish to pursue a career in content writing, public relations, communication, or digital marketing. Being a content writer provides multiple opportunities, and Pearl Lemon develops your skills. In return, you must do your part and fill the role requirements. 

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