MrBeast Recreates Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory


If we have learned anything from our childhood, it is this – everyone loves Willy Wonka. And who could blame them? The chocolate factory and its owner are the stuff of dreams (or nightmares, if you’re Violet Beauregarde). And now, thanks to YouTube content creator MrBeast, that dream has become a reality.



MrBeast ‘Donaldson’ is one of the top YouTube creators, and he’s been doing it for a long time. He’s known for putting on outrageous money challenges throughout the year. This June, he made the chocolate factory from Willy Wonka as a fun contest. It is an edible extravaganza on a grand scale, complete with a chocolate waterfall and room after room of tasks for ten contestants—a chocolate room, a gumball and licorice area, a marshmallow room, and a jellybean room. But it all comes down to the final test—a dessert competition judged by Gordon Ramsay.



The challenges included everything from spotting a cake toilet among real toilets to shooting gigantic mints “white pellets” into large Coca-Cola bottles. Each challenge saw a contestant removed until only one ultimate winner remained. The prize was a chocolate factory promise with a twist. Donaldson showed the winner that he had $500,000 worth of cash and offered to give it away in exchange for the factory. The winner went in for the money grabs and went home a little richer.


The chocolate factory contest was created to promote MrBeast’s chocolate company, Feastables, which he started in January, and the chocolate factory set comprised numerous Feastables chocolate bars.


Check out his Chocolate Factory for yourself:

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