Thursday, November 25, 2021

Mr. Beast Recreates Squid Game

Yesterday, November 24, Mr. Beast is actually recreating Squid Game with 456 people just like the show.

Squid Game is a K-drama about people in debt playing kid games for money. It was released on Netflix and became a big hit soon after. Now, Mr. Beast is streaming a live event of the recreation. He’s stated his intent to do so in October, and you can see that he’s ready to start.

He’s got the set, contestants, and cash prize all ready to go. It seems that Brawl Stars, a mobile game, is helping sponsor this event since their logo is in the Tug-of-War picture.

Mr. Beast has done a lot of stunts and events in his career, but this may be the biggest. People can now live out Squid Game and win money. However, I don’t think anyone will be dying this time.

Anthony Bicy
Anthony Bicy is a novelist who specializes in fantasy, action, and adventure. He has earned his Bachelor's in Creative Writing. His short story, "The Hitchhiker", is published by the Scarlet Leaf Review. On top of those accomplishments, he has self-published a novel called Sword Days on the website Lulu.com. He aims to have readers de-stress and enjoy his work.

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