MPL Indonesia Grand Final Result: Onic ESports Become Champion, RRQ Hoshi Set It’s Foot Into M3

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Onic Esports won MPL ID Season 8, after defeating RRQ Hoshi with a score of 4-3. They are also managed to bring total prize money of USD 300 thousand or around Rp 4.2 billion to their GameHouse.

Super exciting matches were presented in this season’s grand final, where a total of seven matches were played by both teams. Using the Best of 7 (Bo7) concept, they can be declared the champion, if they manage to get four wins from their opponent. In the end, Onic Esports won the MPL ID Season 8. They also became the team that represented Indonesia in the world-class Mobile Legends event, the M3 Championship with RRQ Hoshi.


However, Drian’s friends had to go through many steep paths before becoming champions. They have had a thrilling battle since noon against Evos Legends through the lower bracket final.

Despite being able to outperform the first two games, Onic was overwhelmed by the synergy presented by Ferxiic and the team. As a result, the winning points in the third and fourth games were successfully secured by Evos Legends.

However, Onic’s two consecutive defeats did not discourage them. Instead, it became turmoil to defeat the white tiger, to advance to the final round.

The hard work that has been done has paid off. Onic succeeded in overthrowing Evos Legends with a final score of 3-2.

In the final round, they met the king of the king, RRQ Hoshi. The victory over the previous opponent in the lower bracket final became a booster to destroy their opponent.

Considering that the two teams are the top two teams in the regular season, a fierce battle between the two is inevitable. Even the game reached the seventh game.

Even so, the fighting spirit that the Onic children brought did not extinguish in the slightest. Taking advantage of their opponent’s mistakes, they managed to win the battle in the lower area.

When four heroes had fallen, Onic Esports swiftly put more pressure and immediately destroyed RRQ Hoshi’s base turret. In the end, they became the best Mobile Legends team in Indonesia and will go to the M3 Championship world competition along with RRQ Hoshi as runner-up.

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