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Movies About Sorcery You Have to Watch

We all know and play with our imaginations on having magic and casting spells like in Harry Potter. But there are other good movies that you can have amazing scenarios about and not just casting spells with a wand. Here are a few movies you can enjoy. Run your imaginations wild.

Stardust (2007)

Stardust. © Marv Films/ Ingenious Film Partners. 2007. (source: Rottentomatoes).

Derived from Neil Gaiman’s novel (1999). A young man called Tristan (Charlie Cox) journeys into the land of fairies to obtain a fallen star in an attempt to gain the love of his heart (Sienna Miller). Instead, Tristan discovers a lady called Yvaine (Claire Danes) rather than a lump of meteorite. Yvaine is in great peril since the king’s sons require her gifts to ensure the throne, and a wicked witch (Michelle Pfeiffer) wishes to own her to obtain endless youth and beauty.

Maleficent (2014 & 2019)

Maleficent. © Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures/ Roth FIlms. 2014. (source : Gettyimages).

Maleficent delves into the origin story of Disney’s most infamous antagonist from the 1959 film Sleeping Beauty, as well as the components of her treachery that eventually turned her good heart dark. Maleficent (Angelina Jolie) viciously casts an irreversible curse on Aurora, motivated by vengeance and strongly defend the Moors that she takes charge of. Aurora (Elle Fanning) finds herself caught in the heart of a festering dispute between the woodland kingdom she has grown to love and the human realm that holds her lineage as she grows older. Maleficent learns that Aurora may hold the key to the kingdom’s peace, and she is obliged to take dramatic measures that will forever alter both realms.

Maleficent Mistress of Evil. © Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures/ Roth FIlms. 2019. (source : wearemoviegeeks).

The horned fairy and Aurora’s fascinating relationship is explored further in the second film, as they create new allies and face new foes in their fight to safeguard the moors and the magical creatures who live there. Maleficent’s magic here is astonishing and beautiful.

Eragon (2006)

Eragon. © Davis Entertainment/ Dune Entertainment/ Major Studio Partners/ Ingenious Film Partners. 2009. (source :boxofficemojo).

A poor village farm boy named Eragon (Ed Speleers) lives in the land of Alagaesia, which is controlled by Galbatorix (John Malkovich), a strong but wicked ruler. Eragon comes across a magnificent stone that he quickly recognizes is a dragon’s egg. When the dragon hatches, Eragon embarks on a journey that will hopefully restore the glory of his homeland’s renowned Dragon Riders and depose Galbatorix. Seriously, who wouldn’t want to have telepathic conversations with a dragon?

Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them (2016)

Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. © Warner Brothers Studios/ Heyday Pictures. 2016. (source : Joblo).

The narrative centres around Newt Scamander. Who has arrived in New York for a quick visit after finishing his research for his Magizoology book; Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. When a No-Maj (an American term for muggle) named Jacob Kowalski unwittingly messes up Newt’s magically expansive suitcase, liberating a number of mythical creatures into the muggle world and further worsening the situation of magical and non-magical connections in America, what was supposed to be a brief interlude becomes much longer. The magical creatures in J.K Rowling’s works are actually what fans really dream of, unusual yet beautiful creatures.

Twitches (2005)

Twitches. © Disney Channel/ Carla Singer Productions/ Broomsticks Productions. 2005. (source : Pinterest).

The twin girls Artemis and Apolla are rescued from the Darkness; and sent to another world from the magical land of Coventry, by their protectors Illeana and Karsh. They are raised by different families, but their protectors compelled them to reunite on their 21st birthday. Camryn Barnes lives with her adoring rich parents; while Alex Fielding’s mother died 3 months ago and is looking for work on her own. They discover they have magical abilities once they’ve reconnected, and they must go to Coventry to save their birth mother and their realm from the Darkness. It’s of course not like any other sorcery movies because it’s light, fun, and not dark, obviously as it is a Disney film.

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