Movie Review: The Queen of Black Magic

Ratu Ilmu hitam

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“Ratu Ilmu Hitam” or “The Queen of Black Magic” is an Indonesian horror movie released on November 7, 2019. It is one of Joko Anwar’s works of art. The movie was produced by Rapi Films and Sky media. The movie was starred Ario Bayu, Hannah Al Rashid, Adhisty Zara, Ari Irham, Muzakki Ramdhan, and many more. This 100 minutes long movie was a remake of the movie “Ratu Ilmu Hitam” released in 1981. 


Three-man and their family stayed in an orphanage where they grew up because the orphanage’s director was seriously ill. Things went downhill as the day turned into night, and one by one, each of them was faced with paranormal things that threatened their lives.

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The story starts with Hanif and his family in a car on their way to the orphanage. Not long after that, Hanif accidentally hits something. Hanif and his son, Sandi, went to check, but it turned out it was a deer. But what they do not know is that they hit a girl.
They soon arrived in the orphanage and were greeted by Maman, who also grew up in the orphanage. Maman then introduced them to Siti, his wife, who has a scar on her face and grew up in the orphanage. Around this time, Hanif’s friends Anton, Eva his wife, Jefri, and Lina Jefri’s wife came.

They all went into the house, and Hanif asked Maman where the orphanage kids were. There were only two kids Hasbi and Rani, in the orphanage, and it turns out the rest children went out for a school trip and will come back at night. Soon Hanif, Anton, and Jefri went to Mr. Bandi’s room to pay respect. On the other hand, Nadya, Lina, and Eva were in the living room talking with each other. Siti then came to deliver some snacks. They then went to Mr. Bandi’s room.

Hasbi and Rani showed Sandi, Dina, and Haqi the orphanage on the other part of the house. Dina then asked Hasbi if the room with a green door was his. He denied it and told her that room could not be opened and was left unopened. They soon went to the room where Sandi, Dina, and Haqi would stay, but then curious Haqi went to the green door. He tried to unlock it and even listened to what was in the room. Rani told him that room had not been opened for 20 years. She told him that a woman named Mirah used to work there. One day, Mirah accompanied Murni, a girl, to the toilet. After Mirah returned, she claimed that a demon abducted Murni, and she went crazy, and that is why she was locked in the room. Haqi then asked if Murni had been found. Rani replied that Ms. Mirah killed Murni and buried her deep in the forest. Rani then laughed and told him that she would help Maman and Siti and left. Haqi was frozen but then left running.

Now, they are in Mr. Bandi’s room. Anton showed Hanif’s children their childhood photos. Haqi then stood up and looked underneath a cabinet. He found another photo book and decided to open it. He noticed that all the photos in that photobook were backward and asked Anton. When Anton was looking through the photobook, he noticed a folded paper. When he opened it, it was a picture of a woman and a girl. It turns out it was a picture of Ms. Mirah and Murni. Haqi then told Anton the story that Rani told him. The air felt heavy, and Nadya then broke the ice by asking who was hungry. They all then went to have dinner. Hanif went to his car with Jefri and Anton to get some food. They were done talking, and Hanif was about to walk away until he noticed bloodstain and hair strands stuck on his car. He then told Jefri to follow him. This is where the horror begins.

My View

This movie is the scariest movie I have ever watched. I like how the story goes. The cinematic and the sound effects made it even better. There were many gruesome scenes, and I think that is one of the reasons it was the scariest movie I have ever watched. Though it might not be suitable for people who do not like seeing gruesome things.

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