Movie Review: The Matrix Resurrection

The Matrix trilogy had always been iconic with a massive cult following. How the trilogy explores the philosophies of choice and freedom, destiny and fate over individual choice and had work. The trilogy stays timeless and mind bending with a lot of great fight and actions sequence with Kung-fu. Now The Matrix is back with its fourth and most recent installment to The Matrix franchise, The Matrix: Resurrection.

With the end of The Matrix: Revolution seeming like the end of Neo and Trinity after the Matrix is reloaded; the sentinels withdrawing from Zion and peace lasting as long as it can, allowing humans to leave the Matrix if they choose to do so. Yet in The Matrix: Resurrection we see Thomas Anderson, or Neo, in the ‘real world’ as a very successful award-winning video game creator for The Matrix.

How this Matrix reboot acknowledges and is very self-aware of their success and what makes them great is smart. It makes the script of this movie so meta and so quintessentially The Matrix. The plot of Resurrection wasn’t as intense as the first Matrix movie; however, they still manage to keep the audience at the edge of their seats still with mind bending realities, beautiful aesthetics that accompany Neo’s new and improved Construct with Morpheus 2.0.

The Matrix: Resurrection is a fun callback and remake to the franchise. It may not be the best and intense story line but it’s still a great movie to watch. It is a remake that does not seem like a forced cash grab to please the audience but it definitely brought back the nostalgia and features that we really like from The Matrix franchise.

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