Movie Review: Mr. Bean’s Holiday (2007)

Rowan Atkinson reprises his role as Mr. Bean, who wins a train trip to Cannes, a video camera, and €200 in a raffle. In his journey, he came across a Russian movie director and his son named Stepan at a train station, initially asking for directions but ended in a mishap. Bean was stuck with the director’s son and his father, who thinks he kidnapped him. Of course, the story continues on by Mr. Bean trying to reunite Stepan and his father, but unfortunately, numerous disastrous events take place that makes viewers pity and laughs at the same time. Mr. Bean eventually gets separated from Stepan and meets Sabine, a French actress, who was on her way to the 2006 Cannes Film Festival. Funnily enough, she drives the same car that Mr. Bean usually drives. It was love at first sight for Mr. Bean, and he decides to document his journey with her (and Stepan in later scenes) other than just his supposed vacation and later on are presented at the Cannes Festival.

Personal Review

Despite Mr. Bean’s past series only having 14 episodes, it’s still being watched to this day. Rowan Atkinson‘s natural talent makes Mr. Bean who he is. It is remarkable how he manages to make people laugh with no words. Occasionally, he would just say his name and a sentence at best.

His portrayal of Mr. Bean in this movie brings so many memories. His mannerisms and expressions are still the same as before. Even his appearance looks the same. It’s like he didn’t even age, it feels like I didn’t age.

In the past, Mr. Bean has always been the two sides of the same coin, meaning he’s 50% lucky 50% unlucky. This movie shows us the same, he’s had many unfortunate things happen to him, but at the end of each situation, he always ends up having a way out. The thing that I admire is how he is unphased by his frequent mishaps. His initial instinct was always to find another way to solve his problems. He didn’t even know he was being searched by the police for kidnapping a teenager and, at the same time, was trying to find a way to get Stepan back to his dad. His luggage was forgotten, his money, passport, and wallet went missing. Sure he was devastated at first but only for a moment because he saw that Stepan was also sad because he’s separated from his father and tries to cheer him up and keep going forward.

Being penniless in a foreign country, he tries to entertain on the streets by miming and lipsyncing songs. Stepan didn’t have any hope that Mr. Bean’s efforts would have good results, but thank God it did. They were given enough money to buy food and tickets to travel. Because of Mr bean’s clumsiness, his ticket fell and flew away before giving it to the bus driver resulting in him chasing after it and missing the bus. Stepan was wondering about Mr. Bean’s whereabouts and couldn’t find him, to which he also missed the bus but later was invited to ride along with a band. This entire sequence just gave me anxiety and worry for dear life for both of them.

Mr. Bean ended up hitchhiking and woke up in a french village that’s being filmed for a yogurt commercial that Carson Clay, played by Willem Dafoe, is directing. This is where he meets Sabine, instantly entranced by her. in the village, he becomes an extra for the commercial but gets caught filming with his camcorder. Then he accidentally triggered an explosion when he was trying to charge his camcorder. Now that’s the Mr. Bean we know and love, making disaster happen and have absolutely no clue that he caused it. Brilliant. 

He continues to hitchhike and gets picked up by non-other than Sabine on her way to the Cannes Film Festival. They made a stop at a service station and were reunited with Stepan, who then joined them on their way to the festival. Mind you, Sabine hasn’t discovered that Mr bean and Stepan aren’t a family. But she quickly does when she watches the news on TV at the gas station that shows Mr. Bean as Stepan’s kidnapper. Thank God she was too afraid of being late to her movie premiere and doesn’t report to the police, or hell would’ve broken loose.

Sabine disguises Mr. Bean and Stepan as her mother and daughter to access her premiere. The premiere starts and Mr. Bean attempts to find Stepan’s father in the theatre, but at the same time, he watches the movie and waits for Sabine to appear in it. The film was so boring that some of the audience was sleeping, I mean come on, it was mainly Willem Dafoe in it doing the bare minimum. Shockingly for them, Sabine’s part was cut from the movie. If you watch the past series of Mr. Bean, you would know that he is very creative, to the point where. he does things unthinkable to any other human being. Here he has an idea to showcase the videos from his camcorder right in the middle of the premiere, and with just his luck, his videos matched the movie’s monologue, making it an amazing film and resulting in Mr. Bean, Carson Clay, Sabine given a standing ovation. It was immaculate.

In the end, Mr. Bean gets his wish to go to the beach. He didn’t even care that he was wearing a suit and dress shoes. He didn’t care that all of his belongings were nowhere to be found. When he saw that blue ocean, he was in absolute bliss. Mr. bean thrives on the little things, and I think that’s a characteristic from which we should all take an example.

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