Movie Review: Kafir- A Deal with the Devil

Kafir: A Deal with the Devil

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“Kafir: A Deal with the Devil” is a horror Indonesia movie released in 2018. The movie was produced by StarVision Plus and directed by Azhar Lubis. Some of his other works of art are Mangkujiwo (2020) and Jokowi (2013). This 97-minute long movie stars Putri Ayudya, Sujiwo Tejo, Indah Permatasari, Rangga Azof, and Nadya Arina.

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A family has encountered a lot of strange things that cannot be explained after the father’s death. These things have threatened their lives and they have to find a way to stop them.

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The story starts with a family that was having dinner. Herman, the father was coughing badly until he coughs out blood. He then pulls out a piece of glass from his mouth and passes away, leaving his wife, Sri, and children, Andi and Dina. A month after Herman’s death, Andi and Dina are worried about their mother’s condition because she is still grieving.

Soon after that, Andi brings his girlfriend, Hanum to their house and she decides to help them take care of their mother. Sri begins to experience paranormal things that threatens her life. One day, Sri coughs out a piece of glass just like Herman. Fortunately, the siblings managed to bring Sri to the hospital before her condition worsen.

Soon Sri went to the local shaman that does black magic, Jarwo for the first time after 20 years. She knows that someone has cast a spell on Herman and she wants to know who did it. Unfortunately, Jarwo was also cast a spell by the culprit and he suddenly was burned alive. Dina found a photo of her parents with a woman and knows something is wrong, finally convinced Andi to help her find the truth. Dina who finally knows the name of the woman in the picture, Leila, went back home but was attacked by a black hooded person. Andi found her and took her home.

When arriving home, Hanum suggests Andi and Dina stay in her house. Andi agrees and brought Dina who is still not awake to Hanum’s house. He then had dinner with Hanum and her mother, Ratna. Andi then decided to look at their photos and was taken back when he saw a photo that was exactly the same as the photo that Dina has. Andi then took Dina’s notebook and was shocked to see that Ratna is the same person as Leila. He then woke Hanum up to help him get out of the house. Ratna came and stopped him from leaving. Andi then was attacked from behind by Hanum.

Andi woke up with his hands tied up. He noticed Dina was laying unconscious in front of him with Leila and Hanum watching them. Leila then told him that she was the one who cast a spell on Herman and she is the one who kidnapped Sri. She told him that she did it because of Sri’s past actions towards her. It turns out Sri cast a spell on Herman, with the help of Jarwo to make him fall for her. Herman left Leila, who is pregnant with Herman’s child. The child grew up and became a beautiful woman named Hanum. Soon after, Andi breaks free and before saving Dina and Sri, he destroys the glass bottle, and Leila and Hanum were burned alive.

My view on this movie.

The movie is good but it does not really scare me. There was a lot of unnecessarily loud sound effects. I also think that the ending was a bit rushed. Seeing how it was really easy to defeat the enemy. There was not a lot of scenes where they show too much blood and not a lot of jumpscares. Overall, I enjoyed this movie. The storyline was good and the cinematic is also good.

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