Movie Review: Don’t Look Up (2021)

Don’t Look Up, we’re all gonna die..

Directed by Adam McKay, Don’t Look Up is filled with biggest names in Hollywood. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Jonah Hill, Timothee Chalamet, Mark Rylance, Cate Blanchett and Meryl Streep; they beautifully nailed every single scene in this brilliant satire.

The film starts while working on a research paper; Astronomy student Kate Diabisky played by Jennifer Lawrence. Discovers the presence of a comet “the size of Mount Everest.” It’s nearly approaching Earth, and according to multiple calculations; will hit the earth with “the power of a billion Hiroshima bombs” in 6 months and 14 days.

The media deception, mirroring the reality that we’re all being putted in

Having a never-ending virus, global warming that is further declining, and highly-questionable political decisions as a background for this film. Ridicules incompetent higher-ups, global warming deniers, high-rating crazed media. Billionaires or rather rich people that only care about “making themselves even more disgustingly rich” as Kate Dibiasky (Jennifer Lawrence) says in the movie. Adam McKay didn’t even try to polish the script, it’s subtle yet brutal.

Like when President Orlean (Meryl Streep) use a planet level threatening condition to cover up her dirty tracks, better yet, her chief of staff is her son (Jonah Hill) who is very much unqualified and unprofessional, we all know who those two were inspired by. It is unfair for citizens to be led by people who don’t know how to be a leader.

The media, where people rely on for information to fact-checked upon; has people like Brie Evantee (Cate Blanchette) and Jack Bremmer (Tyler Perry) as news anchors in The Daily Rip. Who view alarming news as just a story or even sugarcoat it as fairy tales. Kate and Randall are simply another couple of news sources, another tale on their show. They are significantly more interested in the break-up of a pop star Riley Bina (Ariana Grande) with her lover (Scott Mescudi) than the possibility of the world ending. It makes you wonder just how much the media sugarcoats or lie to hide the horrifying truths.

Better be crazy than normal

At first, the ones who seem to think that people are crazy for not panicking that the world’s gonna end in six months are Kate, Dr Mindy and the NASA official, Dr Oglethorpe (Rob Morgan). The exact reaction to climate change experts to humanity that lacks self-awareness.

Back in Illinois, she starts dating Yule (Timothee Chalamet), who, despite his ostensibly orthodox Catholic upbringing, shares her perspective. The clock keeps ticking and Doomsday is almost upon them. As soon as Comet Dibiasky shows itself in the sky, we see Yule immediately start praying, he, like everyone who believes that the end of the world is coming, starts praying desperately for salvation and forgiveness from God.

The overall image painted by Don’t Look Up is absolutely dismal. The talented actors’ ability to still enjoy working in the dark themed picture is astounding. Don’t Look Up is 2021’s last masterpiece.

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