Movie Review: “Dabbe: The Possession”

A few months ago the internet went wild over this movie. People say that this movie is one of the scariest movies they have seen. So today, I have made a review of this movie.

Dabbe: The Possession (2013) - IMDb
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“Dabbe: The Possession” is a Turkish horror movie and is the fourth movie in the “Dabbe” series. Released on August 2, 2013, this 145-minute long movie was directed and written by Hasan Karacadag and produced by J Plan & Toma Productions.


A woman named Kubra was preparing for her wedding until she was possessed and stabbed her husband to death. Ebru, who is a psychiatrist and also a childhood friend of Kubra decided to help her out. Everything went according to plan until things went downhill. Kubra was somehow related to a cursed and abandoned village, Kibledere.

Dabbe: The Possession (2013) - IMDb
Photo Credit: IMDb


The story starts with a call recording. An investigator was questioning an acquaintance of Ebru, Dr. Ehran who was struggling to talk. The recording then stops and the real story begins.

The story starts with Faruk who was helping a woman being possessed while Ebru records the whole process for her university purposes. Ebru came from a background where everything can be explained through science, which is why she does not believe in the existence of jinn or ghosts. The woman soon spits out some kind of amulet and Faruk said that it is over.

The next day, Ebru went to Faruk’s house and began to question him about jinns. They had a small argument and Ebru even accused Faruk of planning everything with the woman before Ebru came to record. He ask her if he managed to cure the worst case of a patient will she then believe the existence of jinns. Soon Ebru brought up Kubra’s case. They then went to Kubra’s house. Upon arriving there, Ebru sets up the cameras and Faruk asks them to tell the story. The horror then starts.

My View on this Movie

The movie is good but it is not the best. The acting of the actors felt a little off for me. They did however make the movie into a first-person view type of movie, which I like. There are some gore scenes so I do not suggest people with weak stomachs to watch. The ending is shocking for me. I will not tell you what happened so you should watch it and see it for yourselves. It is said that the movie was based on true events and that part also creeps me out. Overall, it is a good horror movie for people who wants some thrills.

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